Among the large number of questions the clerk receives, there are a few that are asked more than most. Here you will find many of these "Frequently Asked Questions" and their answers.

If your particular question is not here, or you need elaboration on an answer given here, feel free to contact the Clerk by phone below or by email.

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  • Are there legal reference tools to assist me?
  • Are there appellate filing fees?
  • Click here to view fees.
  • Does the Clerk's Office provide Notice of Appeal forms and other forms needed in an appeal?
  • No. If you wish to represent yourself, you will need to do your own legal research and paperwork preparation. You may find the following links helpful:

    The Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure

    Other publications relating to appeals are:

    If you wish to consult with an attorney about filing an appeal in Tallahassee, you may contact:

    Tallahassee Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service, 850-681-0601
    North Florida Legal Services, 850-385-9007
  • How do I file an appeal from County Court?
  • A party or defendant in a case has 30 days from the date the decision is rendered by the lower court to file a Notice of Appeal. The Notice of Appeal should be in the form prescribed by Rule 9.900, Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure, and should contain the following information:
    • the name of the lower court
    • the name and designation of at least one party on each side
    • the case number in the lower court
    • the name of the court to which the appeal is taken
    • the date of rendition of the order in the lower court
    • the nature of the order to be reviewed.

    The original Notice and one copy should be filed with the s Office in the division where the court rendered the order/judgment you wish to appeal, i.e., in the Felony Division if you are appealing a felony conviction.

    An information sheet for filing county court appeals in the Second Judicial Circuit, Leon County, is located here.
  • What kinds of cases may be appealed?
  • s rules of court designate the types of appeals that are permitted. Appeals from county court cases, like misdemeanors, county civil and traffic infraction cases, can be appealed to the Circuit Court. Circuit Court cases, like felonies, circuit civil, probate, and juvenile cases, may be appealed to the District Court of Appeal or Florida Supreme Court. Death penalty cases are appealed directly from the Circuit Court to the Florida Supreme Court by law.
  • What happens in an appeal?
  • After the appropriate paperwork is filed timely (and sometimes after oral argument), the appellate court will review the decision of the lower court to determine if an error occurred during the case.
  • Does the Clerk offer Pro Se (self represented) assistance?
  • No, but a handbook has been made available by the Florida Bar. Click here to view this handbook.